The Promise is Available in Kindle Unlimited and For Purchase

M.D. Gregory and I have been working hard this year. The Promise was a bit of a surprise to us. We didn’t intend to write it, actually, but our go-to cover artist at Sinfully Sweet Designs made the most luscious artwork that inspired the story of Shane and West.

The fun part about writing with someone else is that the story evolves in ways that are shocking and surprising to both of us, so while we knew we were writing an age gap story (West is older than Shane by about eighteen years), at first we had no clue it would also be a mild Daddy Kink story, but low and behold, that’s what those two sneaky characters did.

I’m proud to announce that The Promise, written in the world of New Gothenburg, is available in Kindle Unlimited and for purchase.

We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed writing it!

The Promise (1)

Widowed Before Forty
Lawyer Caleb “West” Weston loses the man he loves, Carter, to cancer. When Carter dies, not only is West left hurting, but Carter’s younger brother, eighteen-year-old Shane, plummets deeply into grief. Both men bury themselves in their pain and forget to support one another. West feels hollow, and Shane’s life goes off the rails.

The Lost Boy
Shane’s parents reacted badly when he told them he was gay, but he had Carter and West to run to when things got tough. They gladly took him in. After Carter dies, Shane feels like he has no one to love him, until one tearful moment between Shane and West turns into something passionate. Afterward, consumed by guilt, both men become more isolated than before.

Second Chance at Love, First Chance to Be Himself
West has never fully embraced the darkest parts of his sexuality, but he knows one thing for certain—he wants Shane as his. Even if being with his dead lover’s younger brother is wrong, fighting his attraction to Shane is hurting them both. He decides to step up and become the daddy he has always wanted to be, one who helps guide his boy back into the land of the living. One large problem remains, during the months Shane was left to his own devices, he made a wreck of his life. West and Shane both need a lot of love to heal. Can they learn to live a new life together, free of shame and guilt?


King’s Criminals is now Available

M.D. Gregory and I have been working hard this year. If you weren’t aware, King’s Criminals, book three in the Kings of Men MC club series is out!

King’s Criminals was a lot of fun to write because M.D. and I write together, so what we do is one of us starts the book and then we send chapters back and forth to each other. It’s a lot of fun because during the writing process, we get to surprise each other too.

We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed writing it!

King's Criminals


Fresh Meat In Prison
Charley Hughes never imagined he would find himself in lockup, but when King promises that his brothers-in-arms will protect him, Charley expects his time on the inside to be easy. He doesn’t factor in Scar, his mean as hell—and handsome—cellmate. Scar seems to have one goal only, to get into Charley’s pants. Charley has never been with a man before and doesn’t plan to start.

Driven By Isolation
Colton “Scar” Hebb went to prison years ago. He willingly took the fall for his motorcycle club. Scar is as loyal and brutal as they come, but he’s also lonely. The moment he sets eyes on Charley, he wants him. Charley is playing hard to get, though. It’s a good thing Scar enjoys a chase.

Predator and Prey
The longer Charley holds out against Scar’s advances, the more dangerous prison life gets for him. Between rival MC clubs and guards, he’s constantly on high alert. Scar is rough and scary, but at least he’s on Charley’s side. The more time Charley spends with Scar, the weaker his resolve becomes to hold out against him. What will happen when Charley no longer wants to resist the attraction?


Meet our main characters.

Rainbow Advent Calendar Day 2: Christmas Isn’t The End

Christmas Isn’t The End

By Ki Brightly

© Ki Brightly Christmas 2019


Wyatt Benson

“No, Daddy, I hate this costume!” Bella broke out into tears, and her chubby face turned Christmas red. She scowled, and the adorable gap between her front teeth made me want to smile, but I knew better. That would send her into a full-fledged tizzy. Her long brown hair, almost black like my late husband’s, was piled up on her head in a bun with a ribbon securing the cute mess.

“Aw, baby doll, don’t be this way.”

She jumped up and down in place, her tap shoes clacking loudly in her irritation.

Dan had been better at all this stuff. Having Bella had been his dream, and I’d supported him the entire way, and I also loved Bella far more than I’d been prepared for. He’d been over the moon when we brought her home from the hospital with promises to send our surrogate photos through our may long years of joy. From the time she could walk, he’d had her in every activity under the sun, but dance was the one she loved best, so here she was, at the ripe old age of seven, already a four year Christmas show vet. Dan had gloated to every person he ever met about his little ballerina.

My heart squeezed. It had been a year since we lost him, and I didn’t know if I would ever feel the same about Christmas. If I never had to spend another holiday in a hospital, I’d be grateful. He’d gone from a mild chest pain at Christmas dinner, while I drank an extra glass of wine that I shouldn’t have as he convinced me the twinges he felt were nothing, to dead in under two hours.

“Daddy, it itches,” Bella whined. She looked so much like Dan, too, wearing her obstinate little scowl on her pretty bow mouth. She tugged sadly at the flipper of her penguin costume. Her tap shoes stuck out from the bottom of the long skirt, black with shiny red Christmas bows on them. The red rouge glowed too bright on her cheeks, but it was stage makeup, so I couldn’t say anything against it. My cowboy boots hurt my toes when I knelt down in front of her.

“You always love the Christmas show, baby. Are you sad because Papa Dan isn’t here?”

She shook her flippers like she might take off flying and nodded. I’d had to stay backstage to help her into her costume, thank goodness. What if I’d been out in the audience when this happened? Her makeup ran as more tears flowed from the corners of her deep brown eyes, and I had no idea what to do, so I pulled her into a tight hug and held her close. If the costume got wrinkled, I didn’t give a damn.


Jace Weber

“Stars and feakin’ garters,” I grumbled. I was in my black tights with a short Santa-esque top on that barely covered my butt. The fake fur tickled my wrists and neck. I couldn’t show off too much or the parents would have a fit. Normally I only directed, but we could not find any older boys to dance this year, and my most advanced class of girls, fifteen-year-olds, had begged me to be the male lead in their number. They wanted to show off some jumps. I’d agreed, because how fun, but now I wished that I wasn’t in costume for this moment.

Wyatt was the dance dad every mom in the studio wanted to comfort—in all ways possible—but the man was queer as a three dollar bill, just like yours truly, and had not realized he was causing a hoopla all season long. He was a widower and didn’t need that mess. I’d been ready to drag some of the hussies out of my studio by their har to give them a talking to, most of them were married for cripes sakes, but every single one of those women backstage who’d been drooling over the six-foot-wow muscled hunk who trained horses outside of town for a living, averted their gaze as he crashed to the floor next to his little girl bawling his eyes out. He sat there on his butt and just sobbed.

I’d heard the sad story directly from Bella herself, how her Papa had dropped dead at Christmas dinner. It was shocking enough that I’d gone home that night and texted Wyatt, just to ask how things were going. He’d assured me they were fine, both he and Bella were in therapy and moving on with their lives. That had been in January of last year.

Clearly, things were still not okay at the ranch. Poor man.  

I carefully walked over, trying to make some noise, but I was naturally light on my feet in and in slippers. “Wyatt?” I murmured, “let me get Bella ready for her number, okay?”

He leaned back and glanced up at me. He was classically handsome, rugged and manly in the jaw, wide shoulders—the whole outdoorsy thing really worked on him—but with tears on his face he was touchable and human. I went gently to my knees right beside him and gave him a stage hug. Barely there. What if he didn’t want one? He laughed and leaned into my arms.

“Mr. Weber, I didn’t miss the number, did I?” Bella’s eyes went huge and she pouted her bottom lip in my direction.

I glanced out toward the stage. We were in the wings off to the side, and the other penguins were out there under the sweltering lights, getting into their spots. “No, there’s time. Run, darling.” She did, rushing right out in all her waddling glory, and Wyatt sat there, shaking his head and wiping his eyes with the sleeve of his red-and-black plaid button up. He looked like he’d come directly from the pine forests of the Arctic my stage, but he radiated musky amber cologne.

“She’ll be okay.” I rested my hand on his shoulder and he glanced at me with a fragile smile. “Will you?”

He swallowed and nodded hard. “Eventually.”

The look he gave me was so lost, I leaned in and hugged him again. “You loved him a lot?”

He nodded with his face pressed to my neck. His warm breath gusted there and stirred things in me that were inappropriate for the moment. I took a deep breath and tried to breathe out my tension.

“What a lucky man, your husband was.”

He sat back and we both turned, right there, to watch Bella dance her number to the tune of Winter Wonderland. The people in the audience laughed, and I knew there were parents and grandparents out there snapping pictures of my penguins, even though I’d told them, repeatedly, that the flashes distracted the children.

Wyatt smiled at me when the number was winding down. “Thank you. You and the studio kept me sane.”

I gasped and rested a hand on my chest. “How so?”

“It gave us someplace to go. It kept us in a routine. And I’ve noticed, how you take extra care with her. It means a lot.” He held out his hand. I thought he was going to be all manly and shake, but he took my hand and pressed it between both of his own. “So thank you.”

My heart kicked in my chest. The dimples he flashed were killer. “Wyatt, I know you’re still raw, but when you’re finally doing better, call me honey. You’re a good guy, and there’s a shortage in the world.” I leaned over and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. He stared at me, wide-eyed, and I winked as I rushed out on the stage along with my older girls dressed as sugar plum fairies. The little ones toddled back toward Wyatt and slipped past him to their changing room. They were giddy, and giggly, and tried to be serious, but failed miserably.

When the girls and I were done with our number, I was exhausted and sweating, and swearing to myself that my New Year’s resolution would be to spend more time working on myself in the studio. I made my way backstage to my small dressing room. Being the only man, I got to use the small storage area that housed the cleansers and extra chairs as my transformation space. To my surprise I found a single rose on the folding chair I’d opened up earlier to drape my clothes over, along with a note folded under it.

Touched, I picked up the rose and rolled the cool, soft petals against my overheated cheek. I opened the paper.

You’re a good guy, too. Call me sometime.


If you missed it, here’s last year’s story!

Here is Ki Brightly’s New Holiday Book!

December 15th, 2019. 

On preorder now:


Previous years: 



Greetings from the Writing Cave

Hello Everyone!

October and November, and hell, probably December as well, were—are—and will be hectic.

So, here is an update on what I’ve been doing!

King's Stalker

King’s Eyes was released at the very end of October directly into Kindle Unlimited. If you haven’t read it yet, it’s the second book in the Kings of Men MC series.

Click here for King’s Eyes in Amazon US.

Click here for King’s Eyes in Amazon UK.

Click here for King’s eyes in Amazon AU.

A Second Chance Becomes Trouble
After leaving his cheating ex and New York City behind, Mackenzie Byrnes wants to celebrate his new life and new teaching position in New Gothenburg. Only he ends up at a club in need of rescuing from a jerk who won’t take no for an answer. After that embarrassing mess, Mackenzie swears he’s on a man ban. His resolve lasts until he runs into the handsome bouncer who saved him, and then he hands over his phone number, hoping for a date.

A Stalker Who Can’t Look Away
Travis “Eyes” Hughes has two jobs—spy for the president of the Kings of Men MC, and nightclub security. When Travis saves a sexy blond from getting groped against his will, he gets the urge to follow him home to make sure he arrives there safely. One night of watching turns into a habit Travis can’t shake, and an impulse he won’t deny.

Lies Exposed
The closer Travis gets to Mackenzie, the sloppier he becomes. When his half-truths begin to catch up with him, all hell breaks loose with the Kings of Men MC, and Mackenzie finds out Travis isn’t who he said he was. With Travis’s lies exposed, a cop hot on his trail, and his brother in jail—he’s sure he’ll lose Mackenzie as well—but he might be surprised by the strength a certain kindergarten teacher possesses.

I’m currently diligently working on my holiday story, with the hopes that I will be able to crack it out at the first of December, but we’ll see.

Santa's Naughty Elf

Not much is going on here on a personal note, which is nice in a way. Halloween was kind of kerfucked because my town sits on Lake Erie and we had hurricane speed winds and coastal flooding that night. It turned into a fun Halloween, though, because I took my kids to the store, let them pick out some candy, and five minutes after came home, the power went off. We told spooky stories by candlelight and went to bed long after “bedtime.”

It’s the kind of thing they will remember one day, I hope.

Also, it’s #NaNoWriMo this month, National Novel Writing Month, so I’m trying to do more than I usually do, writing wise. I’m not sure if I’m succeeding or failing yet.

Anyway, I’m working hard here, and I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.


Too Much Info

So, I’ve been burping almost nonstop for two days. It’s so bad it’s actually starting to have an effect on my breath patterns. I have acid reflux, and this special hell, that I wouldn’t have considered to be nearly as upsetting as it is before I experienced it, has been visited upon me because I tried to switch up my diet to something healthier, I think.

My body doth protest the hemp protein powder smoothie.

Or maybe the hibiscus tea brewed from real flowers.

Normal people get acid reflux from Big Macs, but not me, apparently.

That’s all. That’s what I’ve been dealing with this week. I’m tired because I’ve even been burping in my sleep, according to my Sugarplum. Haha. Nothing exciting happened this week, and nothing anyone really wants to hear about. I’m going to try eating oatmeal today and if it still doesn’t get better, I guess it’s a trip to the doctor tomorrow.

Well, I did take my kids on a pumpkin walk last night that had over 1000 carved pumpkins. That was actually pretty neat, so I shouldn’t say nothing interesting happened. I guess I’m just cranky.

I’m also up at 4:30 a.m. on a Sunday to get into editing King’s Eyes so we can get it out for everyone. I like that, though.

I hope everyone is having a better weekend than I am!

Happy reading,


Recovery is a Lifelong Process, Ryan

I suppose I should entitle this: ‘In Defense of Ryan D. Buell’

Now hang with me. I’ve always had a soft spot for him because we were at Penn State at the same time. We’re the same age, we’re both from Pennsylvania, we’ve both had hectic lives, and we graduated staring down the barrel of the same shotgun: a recession and a horrific economy.

The recession alone primed people my age, in the thirty-six-year-old range, to be very aware of money. We’re always hustling in one way or another. Most people my age have a main job, a side job, and a back up job. We’re all paranoid, we rarely indulge ourselves with unnecessary comforts, and a lot of us are still struggling to get by. In short: I understand “the pursuit of more money” as a safeguard against generalized anxiety. A lot my peers, especially those I went to school with at Penn State, have found themselves dealing with depression, anxiety, lack of opportunity, and overall haven’t found the success we thought we would based on the promise of the holy grail of a ‘good degree.’

I would love to get into a room and chat with Ryan Buell and learn what has really been going on in his life. Police reports, public discontent, and the rumor mill of the paranormal community probably don’t do reality justice. I can only imagine what sort of hell he’s been through. Myself, I am a pagan, coming up on 24 years in the community. Every time I heard his story of a young person dealing with the strange that typically follows sensitive people, my heart squeezed.

Buell’s been called a scammer.

He is.

I absolutely believe he has grifted on a large scale. As in, his show didn’t always help the people he visited, and sometimes they faked things on Paranormal State. I’m not going to break all that down here because there are blog posts and direct quotes from people who were involved in the show to support those statements. I believe wholeheartedly that there’s a chance Paranormal State fucked up some people’s lives more than it helped—in essence meaning that Ryan Buell fucked up people’s lives more than he helped. I don’t feel that the people who spoke up about Paranormal State would have done so without good reason. On the other hand, I can understand why the people behind the show would choose to do things for ratings, and I can understand why Ryan Buell would have chosen to go against his moral code (a generous assumption on my part, to be sure) and go along with it.

At some point Ryan began to use drugs. That’s very clear if you look at the public record and timeline of his show and life. Well before this came out, several years ago when I was doing research for The Paranaturalist, I believed he was doing drugs. I didn’t make that a public sentiment at that point, but everything fit.

He’s now a year sober, according to my research, maybe more, and I have to believe some of the stress of Paranormal State and his other work played into that. Again, I’m making shit up, and I tend to believe the best in people, but I know what it’s like to get phone calls in the middle of the night because something weird is happening in someone’s house and then be compelled to help. I’ve gone out into the middle of the night with candles and sage and a fuck off attitude to settle people down so we can all get some fucking sleep. I know what it’s like to sit up with someone facing a dark night of the soul. I know what it’s like to do mystic work. It’s fucking shit, is what it is, and it can get to you real quick if you’re not in a good place.

Back to Ryan: He stole about $80,000 USD by taking money for a tour that didn’t happen, he had a blow out with his family (probably over the drugs he was doing), he pretended to have a chronic illness (well, drug addiction is a lifelong struggle), he got charged with roughing up his boyfriend (an absolute shit thing to do), and then his ass landed in jail—where it obviously belonged at that moment in time.

For addicts they like to call this point rock bottom. The clarity moment. The shit that wakes you up.

And now, thanks to my, I would say annual, research party on
Ryan Buell, it bears repeating that he seems to have been clean and sober a year or more.

So, if you’ve hung with me through everything, I would like to reiterate that I’ve always been soft for him because he’s my age, a Penn Stater (we were at Penn State at the same time), we share similar interests (we’re both writers), and I recently went through the rehab roller coaster with my spouse. I’m primed for sympathy. I also didn’t lose money to his tour.

What I would like to think, and hope, is that Ryan is halfway through his redemption arc. As a writer, I see someone on the cusp of becoming a better person, and he’s someone who has to change for the better with the public watching, which makes everything harder. I would like to think that he knows he owes people money, and apologies, and for one reason or another genuinely hasn’t been able to organize a way to repay them. I would like to hope that he will open up and be honest soon about the struggles he’s had. I can’t fully explain why I keep checking in on him, except that I feel like I’m keeping tabs on an old friend, an admired colleague who has lost his way, and someone I would really like to see make a full recovery. It also seems like he’s scheduling tours again, with one upcoming, and I would think that would be the first step in repaying his debts. If people trust him enough to go, and he handles himself well, I’d say that he deserves a second chance with the community.

Ryan looked so bad for a while I fully believed he was struggling with a disease, and to find out that it was drug addiction rather than pancreatic cancer was a relief. Drug addiction may be a life long struggle, but at least it can be recovered from.

So, for anyone out there during this Halloween season who is googling around during those Paranormal State reruns wondering, “what the hell happened to Ryan Buell?” I hope you’re going to judge him with a kinder heart than he may deserve. He still has plenty of time to right his wrongs, so long as he is alive and taking his recovery one day at a time.

Release week for King’s Killer, and More Writing Goodness

So, what’s been happening with me lately? Well, I just released a new book with Meg, who is writing dark romance as M.D. Gregory, called King’s Killer. Surprise for anyone who didn’t realize I was working on that!


Dark Gay Romance

Kings of Men MC Club

✨Available in Kindle Unlimited✨

Walking the Line Between Good and Evil
Physician’s assistant by day, doctor to the Kings of Men MC by night. Grant Arthur’s life is tough to balance, but he does what he can to help his brother, Aaron “King” Arthur, the president of the motorcycle club. Trapped as an outsider to the club by his brother for safety, Grant prefers the quiet life, until the Kings visit him in the middle of the night with an injured member. With them is Kai Woodrow, rugged and dangerous, who Grant can’t tear his gaze from.

A Killer Who Gave Away His Heart
Reaper kills for a living. He’s the man King calls when he needs to send a gruesome message. Unfortunately, Reaper’s also human, and has all the needs of a man. He’s been in love with Grant since they shared a foster home as teens, but he knows how protective King is. Reaper could never betray his president and friend, even if Grant’s the only one who sees him as Kai. He settles with quietly stalking Grant, until one night they bring him an injured club member.

One Wild Night
When Grant is nearly hurt, Kai can’t resist living in the moment, even if it’s bound to get him killed by King—or someone worse. The world doesn’t stop turning because he finally kissed Grant, but with any illegal motorcycle club, trouble comes along for the ride. When Grant is kidnapped, Kai would move heaven and hell to find him, and destroy the people who took him.


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:

Right now I’m also working on the next book in the Kings of Men MC series, King’s Undertaker.

The King's Undertaker

I’m also working on a little gem with Meg that we’re tentatively calling King’s Stalker. I’m really excited about that one because I love writing “twisted bad guys.” It’s always a brain teaser to figure out how to write a morally ambiguous character and have them still be likable enough that as readers, we’re left rooting for them to get their happily ever after. We’re up to the task, though.

Last but not least, I’m still working on Jack’s Independent Omega in the Cherry Hollow series. At the moment, it looks like Meg will be releasing her next Cherry Hollow book before mine, Grayson’s Double Trouble. I worked on the first half of that book with her, but due to life, we decided she would finish it out on her own, and then we would focus on doing solo books in that series. It seems like things are going well, though, so even though we didn’t release a Cherry Hollow book in August, we’ll be back on track for September, October, and beyond.

On a personal note, we’ve had a hectic end of summer here at my place. Sugarplum’s fingers are almost completely healed from smashing them at work, though he’s still in therapy. The kids are back to school, but they’re out for Labor Day weekend at the moment, which means they’ll be home on Monday as well. Tomorrow we’re going to a local amusement park. We’re trying to get all the outside activities in that we can here in Erie because the long winter will be here before we know it. It’s not unusual for us to see the first snowfall of the year by the end of October and the last one mid May. We like snow, but it can be brutal, so… yeah. We make hay while the sun’s shining. I might be getting a few more books out this winter once it gets cold, though, so keep an eye out. I have a few small releases I’m working on at the moment that I’m excited about.

I hope all of my American friends have a happy Labor Day weekend, and everyone else has a good one as well! Happy reading!



The Paranaturalist is Now in Kindle Unlimited

The Paranaturalist is now available in ✨Kindle Unlimited! ✨

The Paranaturalist (1).jpg

As a kid, Joseph Appleyard saw things hidden from others. Now he is The Paranaturalist, an investigator and cohost of a television show that seeks to prove the existence of the paranormal. Some think Joe is crazy, but they don’t realize he knows firsthand there’s more to the world than what most perceive. The trouble is, somewhere along the way, Joe lost his vision and it left his world flat and dull. One night an investigation goes horribly wrong, and a powerful ghostly manifestation sends Joe tumbling into a river. Spirit worker Owen Watson saves Joe’s life, and once they are back on dry land, whatever has been blocking Joe’s vision has been washed away.

When a haunting goes from annoying to dangerous, people turn to Owen Watson. He hates those infuriating hacks from TV, but when he pulls Joe from the river, his mind begins to change. Joe is scared and confused, and Owen realizes he might just be the real thing. Together, they work to understand the part of Joe that has been shut away for so long. But just as Joe is reacclimating to his abilities, his career as a paranormal investigator is in danger of being ripped away. Owen would gladly battle a bloodthirsty spirit for Joe, but he’s out of his element in the world of reality television.

*The Paranaturalist is a 172,000-word novel that was previously with a publishing house, but has never before been in Kindle Unlimited. Enjoy!


Amazon US:

Amazon UK:

Amazon AU:

August Update from Ki-Land

So, what’s Ki Brightly working on in August?

That’s a great question. I feel a little all over the place this month, for a few reasons. One, Sugarplum is finally back to work after being off for almost a month because he smashed two fingers. His fingers still hurt, though they’re getting sensation back, so yay! Two, my kids are still out of school, but I’m getting them ready to go back at the end of the month, all while making a Herculean attempt to cram all the “fun summer activities” that we haven’t done yet into the next few weeks. Three, I’ve taken on a few editing jobs and I’m making my way through those while writing and doing all the other stuff.

It’s a life right now, for sure.

Here are some big shifts in the Ki-Land.

Cherry Valley series - JackFirst change: Meg and I have decided that we’re going to finish out the Cherry Hollow series as single author books due to writing schedule conflicts. It makes me sad, but we’re still going to be writing other books together. My next book in the Cherry Hollow series will be Jack’s Independent Omega, featuring Jack Ross, the local prosecutor, and Bradley Sinnot, a bubbly nurse, who used to work at the hospital in Hawthorne, but now works in Doctor Tanner’s office. We’ve met Brad a few times in the Cherry Hollow series, and he’s finally getting his own time to shine.

black and white cherry

Cherry Hollow will continue to grow in audio this month as well, with the release of Riley’s Forbidden Omega, so all you audiophiles stay tuned.

I have also contracted King’s Loved Omega for audio, and it should be finished sometime in September and be for sale in early October.

For anyone who is patiently waiting for Luke’s Stubborn Omega in audio, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait a while longer. Due to the fact that Luke has an Australian accent, I’m having a terrible time locating a narrator who is willing and able to do both an American and Australian accent, as needed by the book, since Scott Tanner is American. I’m sure we’ll figure it out soon, though.

black and white cherry

My other major projects this week revolve around a new motorcycle club series that Meg and I will be working on together, as well as planning out my holiday book for this year. I’m starting to finalize my plot and characterization for a book called The Undertaker, and it should be fantastic, if I do have to say so myself. Meet Mortimer Wilson, goes by Tim, or simply The Undertaker in the Kings of Men MC club.



No hints about the story, yet, but here’s the cover for my book that will be dropping, most likely sometime in November. It will be an MPREG, full-length Christmas novel. I even bought some holiday scented candles so that I could get into the spirit while I write. Haha.

Yuletide Heat.jpg


Also on the nearby horizon, I’m planning to get The Paranaturalist back onto Amazon and into Kindle Unlimited. I thought about rewriting the second half of that book, but I didn’t. I may tinker a little with the very end because I always had slightly different plans for Scott, but we’ll see what I do about that. I know one thing, Scott (another Scott yes, but not Scott Tanner. This one was written before I ever started working with Meg.) is an asshole, and he needs to grow up. I think he’s finally going to get his book, but I’m not sure about that yet.

Last but not least, I’m considering working on dark romance series as Ki Brightly. Well, that’s a lie. I’m not considering it, I am going to do it. I have my first cover in the series, and it’s glorious. I’ll share the covers as I get farther along with them.

Shhhh…. this one isn’t finalized yet. When it is, I’ll probably be sharing book world construction ideas on here. This will be so pretty when it’s done and shined up.


Things I haven’t forgotten about, but I’m not actively working on at the moment: The Incubus series, my promise to turn Comfort and Joy into a full-length novel for this holiday season (may become next holiday season at this point), and the Gem City Grit universe. I also have plans to participate in the Rainbow Advent again this year.


If you haven’t started your Cherry Hollow journey yet, get started with Law’s Stubborn Omega, book one in the Cherry Hollow series, which is now five books strong and growing.

Cherry Hollow Series1


Law’s Stubborn Omega

Available in Kindle Unlimited.

Sheriff Trent Miller was happy with his perfect little life. Being a thirty-six-year-old omega with no partner or family suited him just fine, until it all changed. When he ran out of his heat-suppressant pills and his doctor refused to prescribe more, he had his first heat in years. Around the same time, a young alpha who drives him crazy started working as his partner.

Lawson Fisher hated Cherry Hollow. He only returned to his small hometown to help his papa when his dad was diagnosed with cancer. Working alongside Sheriff Miller was frustrating at the best of times, but when Trent went into heat, Lawson felt it was his duty to help him through it, like any good alpha. Besides, he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off Trent.

The more time Lawson spends with Trent, the more he realizes the omega isn’t as bad as he first thought. When they find out Trent’s pregnant, both their lives change. They need to decide the best thing to do for themselves and their baby, especially since not everyone in town is rooting for them to have a happily ever after.




Happy Midsummer!

When I originally started writing this blog, I decided I didn’t want to get “too personal” on it for the fear that I would put people off my writing (aka HURT SALES), but I decided that about six years ago, back when I was young and naïve and didn’t really think about the fact that writing by its very nature invites people deep within your psyche.

So, there’s that. I thought I could write and write and pour things out from my heart and no one would ever connect those stories with “the real me” in quite the same way as a blog where I actually talk about my life in real terms.

I don’t always have a smart.

Anyway, I was raised by a staunch Protestant woman, a Methodist to be exact, to the age of twelve (which is significant to me in a lot of ways), and then basically turned out into the world. Around that same time that the woman who raised me deemed me to be an adult, I became Pagan and dedicated myself on a learning path. Alone, one dark gray morning, shivering in my underwear on a country hillside, surrounded by candles I donned the ferocious seriousness only the very young are capable of and made wild promises to myself and the universe to find something mysterious and strange in the lost frontiers of mysticism.

I had some very unformed and vague ideas about what that might mean then. After twenty-two years on the pagan path, I’m still not always quite sure what I’m doing, but I’m very happy here.

This is the long way around for me to say that I’m Pagan, and it’s Midsummer (the Summer Solstice), and this is a holiday for me. Pagans have a lot of holidays, though we don’t come anywhere near the mind boggling amount of holy days that institutions like, say, the Roman Catholic Church technically celebrate. And the number of holidays one celebrates depends on what brand of Pagan you are as well, but nearly all pagans agree that the Summer and Winter Solstices are holy days. For me personally, I celebrate the Wheel of the Year (4 high holidays and 4 lesser holidays), as well as the Esbats (full moons) and the new moons, which don’t have a special name, as far as I know. I just like the new moon as a “reset” time for my mental energy.

Today, I’m planning to celebrate the Summer Solstice, or Midsummer, by writing an astronomical amount of words, (I’m shooting for over 10k.) and then I’m going to go to the beach. After the sun sets, I’m planning to head downtown and see the fountain illuminated in rainbow lights for Pride. Our city has been surprisingly supportive given the general conservativeness of the area that surrounds it.

So, in summary, I’m your local friendly pagan/witchywoo writer, I’m LGBTQ and I love weaving wonderful stories for you to read.


What am I up to writing wise?

Right now, Meg and I are working on the next Cherry Hollow books and will be plotting another big project this weekend that I am out of my mind excited for.


Midsummer/The Summer Solstice is for Abundance and making Wishes that will be fulfilled through hard work, hopefully by Mabon (the Autumnal Equinox). So, start wishing and working, and we’ll get there together.


Happy reading, friends, and happy holidays, whichever ones you choose to celebrate! Life is about the choices we make, so pick wisely and cheerfully.




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Welcome to Cherry Hollow…. Home of the Cherry Festival!


Book 1 (1)

Book #1 in the Cherry Hollow Series

Sheriff Trent Miller was happy with his perfect little life. Being a thirty-six-year-old omega with no partner or family suited him just fine, until it all changed. When he ran out of his heat-suppressant pills and his doctor refused to prescribe more, he had his first heat in years. Around the same time, a young alpha who drives him crazy started working as his partner.

Lawson Fisher hated Cherry Hollow. He only returned to his small hometown to help his papa when his dad was diagnosed with cancer. Working alongside Sheriff Miller was frustrating at the best of times, but when Trent went into heat, Lawson felt it was his duty to help him through it, like any good alpha. Besides, he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off Trent.

The more time Lawson spends with Trent, the more he realizes the omega isn’t as bad as he first thought. When they find out Trent’s pregnant, both their lives change. They need to decide the best thing to do for themselves and their baby, especially since not everyone in town is rooting for them to have a happily ever after.

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