Local Ghost Hunters Rock!

I’ve been working on a new story (and by working on it I mean I’m about 12k into it) about a ghost hunting show, amongst other things. The research I’ve been doing has led me down some strange roads, including learning all there is to know about the Screen Actor’s Guild and union, what a set manager does, and where budgeting comes from for live shows. I don’t particularly like numbers all that much, but it was a necessary evil for story accuracy. Did I mention it was a lot of reading? I feel like I could run my own show at this point.

BUT I realized half way into researching thermal cameras that I don’t know squat about ghost hunting equipment. I’m very excited that I’ve managed to contact a member of a local ghost hunting group who has agreed to be interviewed, and with any luck maybe I can do some ghost hunting of my own.

I think I’m almost loving the research for my new book more than the writing process, which has never happened to me before. I can’t wait!


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