Reading: My Newest “Self Help” Crush, The Blue Zones Solution

I’m one of those people who likes knowing what other people are up to, and I also like food. I like food a lot. Over the years this has lead me to snap up self help and diet books by the dozens, even when I have no intentions from the get go of ever following them. I just very much want to know what other people see in them. I remember reading about the Atkins diet when it was the new food fad sweeping the nation. That one was understandable. Is there anyone alive, excluding hardcore vegetarians/vegans, who doesn’t like the idea that you can eat bacon every day for a year and lose weight? There was Volumetrics, that at least made sense. The idea there was that it was better to eat 500 calories worth of vegetables than a hamburger, a no brainer in terms of health. So much health advice is stuff we already know, to be honest. Rarely will you hear something brand new.

The most recent thing I’ve been reading is called The Blue Zones Solutions, and I actually like it. Blue Zones are places in the world where people regularly live to be a healthy 100 or older, and the book tries to break down why that is. The book is about how to live a long healthy life, and while there is a focus on healthful eating, again, stuff we’ve heard over and over-the Mediterranean diet with 95% of the diet being plant based-there are other key factors I find very appealing. There’s a focus on moving naturally, so walking and biking and swimming, but they aren’t advocating we all become world class body builders or marathon runners (though you could if you want to), and family/friend ties. Apparently the longest lived people in the world have lots of reasons to get out of bed in the morning.

If that’s the case, I should leave to be 375 because I will always have a story idea, and I will always have something I need/want to do with and for my family.

I also particularly love the idea that meals should be taken with friends and family whenever possible, and that we should form friend groups to do the things we love best. We encourage each other in our habits, so a group of people who walk together are going to walk more, ect. I really believe living is best done with people we enjoy, even though I’m a bit of an introvert.

So, Blue Zones Solution? Thumbs up from me, and it has some nice recipes in the back.


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