Threefold Love-Duncan Isn’t Perfect

I struggled with the decision to allow Duncan to be his chubby self. He’s a guy who likes to eat with a low physical activity job, so OF COURSE he’s carrying around a few extra pounds, but that’s not really something we see a lot in novels, especially romance novels. Most times people in the novels we like to read are damn near perfect, which is cool, but, I really wanted to show someone who was perfect for the people who love him, even if he wasn’t perfect to the world at large. I like the idea of writing real people in the real world even though Threefold Love is a paranormal romance. My significant other is short and trim with a wide, captivating smile, but his front teeth are ever so slightly crooked. I’ve become endeared to that smile and wouldn’t want him to change it, even for it to be “perfect”. Xavier and Andrew love Duncan just the way he is (even if Andrew is very willing to acknowledge that Xavier is brawny, muscled awesomeness). While I was writing I thought back over every person I’ve ever dated, and they all had something, that one charmingly imperfect THING that made them completely different from every other person on the planet. What do you like best about your partner?





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