Threefold Love-Gay Marriage


One exciting thing that happened after I’d finished this book and submitted it to Dreamspinner Press was that Pennsylvania, where Threefold Love takes place, changed its marriage laws! Gay marriage was now legal in Pennsylvania. I did a victory dance with everyone else in the state who is inclined to support or wave the rainbow flag and then realized I had to change my book. In doing so I ended up politicizing my book in a different way than I intended. The original draft had Andrew and Duncan not getting married for ten years because it wasn’t legal. Well, now it was, and there was no good reason I could come up with that these two men wouldn’t have run out and gotten married right away…except Andrew works for a Catholic school. Andrew likes his job.

So, the reason that Andrew and Duncan weren’t married yet when they met Xavier went from the state they live in to the Catholic Church. There have been several teachers at Catholic schools in the news recently losing their jobs because they are gay, so I unintentionally found Andrew’s problem is more a current issue than I’d anticipated when I made this change in the manuscript. I’ve been watching all of these stories unfold with a keen eye to the resolution, namely that the teachers don’t win even when the community supports them. Civil rights are a constant work in progress, so I’m actually really happy that these cases have been getting the attention they have, even when they don’t work out for the people who are getting fired. I’m not Catholic, and I know there are a lot of arguments used to defend these types of decisions, but to me the parallel to gay marriage arguments—gay marriage that we now legally have in the state of Pennsylvania, one of the most conservative states in the North East— will likely be the lynchpin that starts the ball rolling the other direction. For now, Andrew’s job is safe, though who knows what will happen in the future.




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