Threefold Love-Redheads

Andrew Landry is a redhead. Why, oh why, is he a redhead? First of all, I’m one of those people who adore redheads—actually, I adore every color combo people come in, if we’re measuring for attractiveness, so long as the people attached to them have attractive personalities—but, I have a special fondness for red hair. There’s something wonderful about pale skin, especially when paired with striking green or blue eyes with fairy kisses of freckles dusted here and there on cheeks. (Andrew’s eyes are a hunter green.) I fell into a daily habit of ogling things like this when I was writing Threefold Love.

The internet is a wonderful thing, yes? Who is your favorite redhead? (Feel free to drop pictures.)  Or, failing favorite redhead, favorite picture to ogle. *grins*




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