Threefold Love-Shifty LaRue

Duncan loves his mean, ornery cat because she loves him. It’s an affair no one else can understand because, frankly, Lala hates everyone else. We’ve all met those cats. The cats we can’t understand, or we just want to pet only to pull back a bloodied hand and shout, “But why!?” When I met my significant other his roommate had a gorgeous cat I simply loved. He was about the size of a small Cocker spaniel, jet black, and had an extra little cat digit on each hand with extra large knives on his paws. He was so pretty everyone wanted to pet him, but he was also testy, and even when he wasn’t? He bit you to show he loved you. The first time it happened to me, I’d taken my life into my hands to scratch the wee beast’s chin, and he turned his head and nipped hard enough I was sure he’d broken the flesh. My significant other crowed joyfully, “OH, he likes you!,” while I tried to decide if he was insane or not. Over the next few months I watched the cat draw blood and minimally maim my significant other and his roommate while they both fawned over him, and I decided I would never fall for that trap just because he’s cute. In the end I climbed on board too though because he was soft and warm and a lovely nap companion, until you woke up with a claw hooked in your nostril. The best cat love is apparently the most dangerous. So, Shifty was based on this cat that I loved, though Shifty definitely has a personality all her own. Beware of Kitty Ninjas!

Anyone have a cat they loved to hate, or just plain love?




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