Threefold Love-What is Wicca

“Well, Wicca is a religion, so you can be Wiccan like you can be Christian or Jewish. A lot of it is about being in tune with nature and the cycles of the seasons. I became Wiccan while I was trying to be my real self instead of staying in the box everyone expects to find me in. The path of a witch is about personal power and using it responsibly. You can be a witch without being a Wiccan and you can be a Wiccan without being a witch, but most Wiccans are witches. Capiche?” –Duncan McNeil, Threefold Love, Page 55


I briefly touch on spirituality in this book. I wanted to give a quick explanation to readers who might not be familiar with the terminology without being too in depth, too topical, or too blasé, which was a maddeningly difficult task. Imagine Christians trying to sum up their entire religion in about three sentences. Difficult, right? As a kid, fairly young, I started looking into everything there was out there, as far as religions of the world go, and Wicca really resonated with me. I try to integrate the paranormal aspects of the book seamlessly into the rest of it so there’s never a moment when you’re reading the book and you go, “WAIT, what?”, so I wanted to establish that yes, Wicca is a real religion that people follow, even though I was creating a fictionalized version of the world where things go on that don’t normally happen in real life. I liked the idea of Andrew and Duncan being Wiccan because the pagan community so vibrant and interesting, something entirely unique in and of itself, and I was excited about giving people not a part of it a glimpse inside. Overall, I find the pagan community to be populated by open minded, accepting, wonderful people, although every gathering of people is going to have a few downsides.  I also liked this scene because there’s nothing more brain scrambling to a pagan, who tends to only talk about their practices with other pagans, than to have someone who is unfamiliar with it ask, “What in the world is that?” People also have varying comfort levels with it as well. It’s a strange thing to be given the role as speaker for an entire community of people simply because the person you are talking to has never met anyone who is pagan before, though they probably have and don’t know it. You kind of feel like if you screw up you’re definitely giving every other pagan out there a bad name. It’s a lot of pressure.




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