Threefold Love-Why Poly?


As with many parts of this book that sort of fell together I didn’t exactly plan to make the book poly. I was going for M/M, not M/M/M. (Curiously, that extra M sometimes scares people off.) I didn’t’ say to myself, “Crickey, I’m gonna write a poly book, and it’s gonna be fantasmic!” No, it was actually kind of a shock to me when I realized Andrew already had a partner and Xavier wanted him, bad, and then Andrew wanted him BACK. I had ideas about what I thought a healthy polyamorous relationship should look like. I’d sort of, kind of, been in one once upon a time, but I’d been really young at the time, so I started looking around at my friends. Did I know anyone in a poly relationship? Turns out, I did, (Ha! Most people probably do. You’d be shocked if you knew what all of your friends get up to.) and I asked them a long list of somewhat embarrassing and intrusive questions. Then I read some books and asked more questions, and then I just wrote my book anyway, because the story was unfolding without much input from me…somehow. I’m not sure how that happens. BUT, the best advice I got from the friend who I abused with ceaseless questions was this: Jealousy is a symptom, not a problem. It was all around good life advice, not just poly advice, and it helped me make my character’s reactions make sense and make sense of my character’s reactions. There’s always jealousy in a relationship, no matter how small the amount, especially when it is new and people still aren’t sure of each other. What’s the most jealous you’ve ever been in a relationship?




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