Threefold Love-Paranormal Romance

Threefold Love is a paranormal romance, basically because paranormal and “low magic fantasy” are some of my own true loves when it comes to reading. I like extremely realistic paranormal fantasy. Some of my favorite authors are Laurell K. Hamilton and Lynsay Sands, though I will read pretty much anything and everything under the sun given the proper nudge. I like crime dramas, classics, and science fiction. I’m also especially fond of Chuck Palahniuk and Kurt Vonnegut, mostly because I like it when things get surreal, though I don’t draw any parallels between my writing and theirs.  One of my favorite books of all time I Laurell K.’s Guilty Pleasures, a darkly optimistic book about a vampire executioner. One of the things I love in the books I read is memorable, realistic characters-okay, sometimes I’ll just settle for memorable, and that’s what I try to do with Xavier. He’s not an especially special guy in so many ways, but he’s real, and relatable, and maybe even someone you might know. Andrew is a little flamboyant and testy as well as being a school teacher and a fun guy to be around. Duncan is sweet and even keeled, but he’s a demanding partner in the bedroom. I wanted everyone to remember these guys after they put the book down, and wonder what happens to them next. (Hint: I’m working on a second book, this time centering on Andrew’s younger brother Curtis.)

Who are some of your favorite characters of all time?




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