I got embroiled in an online debate today (something that rarely results in anything but large amounts of wasted time and rage). I don’t need to give the topic to talk about the pattern I’ve seen with myself. X person says whatever (usually insulting, derogatory, or unconsciously cruel) about Y Category of people who are generally stepped on for various reasons. I see good people getting stepped on and try to argue their case. Person X doesn’t agree with me and nothing I say makes any difference. If I’m backing my argument up with data it actually seems to make things worse as the person now seems to feel emotionally violated and digs in harder. I’m disheartened with the state of the world.

But I keep trying to talk to the person.

What drives me to keep on looking out for and cheering on the underdogs? I don’t know, really, other than a sense that there must be some sort of karmic justice in the world. And if there isn’t, I should try to help people who are having a rough time as much as I can. I get hung up on social justice issues all the time. I want the world to just work, and work well, so that people can have a good life, do some things that make them happy, and die knowing the world is a better place because they were in it.

It’s kind of exhausting, but I don’t see myself ever stopping. That’s why I always end up writing characters who have a serious issue, problem, or hang up. I’m always rooting for the underdog, even when they’re an underdog I’ve created.


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