James Franco in a Gay Threeway

Yes. Hold hands with me. I read those words in a movie review with a stuttering heart, and then realized that it was a gay threeway, thank all the gods of smut, and then I realized, that like all “gay movies” recently (I’m looking at you Normal Heart-you couldn’t give me naked Mark Ruffalo having sex with Matt Bomer without making me want to cry my eyes out?) there was going to be a sad storyline attached to my joygasmic James Franco smut. …


(Don’t you just want to roll them in some whipped cream and lick it off?) Why? Why can’t we have a big Hollywood Block Buster type movie with two men as leads (or cherish the thought, three) that’s just freakin’ happy and hits all the right lust buttons? Why can’t we have a fun gay Rom Com or even a cheesy gratuitous skin extravaganza where no one gets AIDS, learns anything about living a fulfilling gay life, has the safe sex talk, attends a “goodbye” party, or overcomes obstacles that are directly related to sexual orientation? We know the AIDS epidemic was horrific, condoms are good, and life is often hard. In other words, when are we going to allow homosexuality to truly be accepted in mainstream media? I understand not every place is friendly to gay people, Western Pennsylvania gets harry outside of the cities, but come on.

I want to see a movie where someone hunky-let’s nominate Chris Hemsworth- meets someone else who is hot-I’ll nominate Matt Bomer (snuggling with Mark Ruffalo below) since he’s already had a sex scene with one Avenger on camera.


There is some sort of cute misunderstanding in this movie, say, on the first day at a new job they are both assigned the same parking spot which leads to them competing humorously to be better than the other because the boss said the person who gets to keep the spot is the one who pulls in the most money. All is war until one day in the copy room they’re both trying to sneak in to Xerox their asses and something “clicks”. That’s at least as good as some of the romantic comedies I’ve seen. Anyway. I want that. Cheesy. Predictable at points. Hot people groping on screen with nary a tear from the audience.

Until then I’m going to content myself with youtubing the sex scenes from these movies and making up my own stories. I like the one from The Normal Heart a lot.


E-Copy of Threefold Love


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