Random Earth Related Thought for the Day

I like to do all I can to be earth first and friendly. I recycle things, spending ridiculous amounts of time every garbage day making sure I’ve got everything separated out just so. (Yes, I’m slightly neurotic, which doesn’t help.) I use biodegradable soaps and take my expired medications to drop off points instead of flushing them. I grew up a true child of the 90’s watching Captain Planet and I may mumble reduce, reuse, recycle in my sleep.

I do recycle, so this isn’t about that. I think recycling is wonderful and we all should do it.


What I don’t understand is why there has been a huge hairy deal about K-cups when we’ve been using single serving creamers for years, usually in public without a recycling friendly place to get rid of the plastic. I frequently use a Keurig with the little refillable cup. I adore it, but the idea of running hot water through plastic kind of squicks me because of the chemicals. But, back to the single creamers that remind me completely of the K-cups, I recycle them at home when I use then there, but they’re messy and I don’t always want to bring them home. Ditto for plastic straws and cups in restaurants. Sometimes I get guilty and bring them home, but often I don’t. So, why has K-cup earned public ire where other products haven’t?

I wish all businesses were recycling friendly, but they just aren’t in Western PA.

The K-cups have created more trouble on top of an already troubling, single serve driven economy. We should be looking to revise the way our economy promotes waste through purchasing of one use items. Why can’t there be a bottle of creamer or container of creamer like they have at most coffee shops at gas stations and all other places that serve coffee? Aren’t there ways to make on the go Earth friendly?

Just random thoughts. Almost every day I have “save the humans” ideas. Because really, if we trash the planet enough that we kill ourselves off the planet will eventually come back. We won’t.


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