Where the Name Michigan Really Came From-Old Norse!


One thing few know about me is that I have a history degree, among other things. Day to day this is often less than useful, as my advisor had warned me it would be, however it does lead me to ingest a ridiculously huge amount of news articles. This morning I read about the Norse influence on Algonquin culture. Basically, Algonquin native language is based on Old Norse. That’s a hell of an interesting thing, linguistically and culturally speaking. I don’t have much to add about it, as I haven’t done much research on it, but I always find it interesting to see how cultures mix and evolve together. I also find it interesting that the Norse and the Native Americans meshed well together and then when the Puritans came it was all…destroy, destroy, destroy…and yet the Vikings are always getting the pillaging and destruction wrap.


These are the injustices of history.

Have a look at the story here:

I thought this artifact link from the above article to be really interesting as well.


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