Friday Five Challenge: The Immortal Prince of Egypt by J.S. Lewis

I decided to get my Friday Five Challenge in early today, mostly because I’m still awake in the wee hours and this is when I normally do my online book browsing anyway. So, let us begin, shall we?

If you don’t know what the Friday Five Challenge is, I’ll give you a quick run down. In five minutes or less you go to an online book supplier, pick a category, and browse book covers until one appeals to you. Then look at the blurb and a few comments and decide if you’d pass or buy. Then post it on twitter at #FridayFiveChallenge. Eventually, what this should do for you, is help you to notice what does and doesn’t make for good copy on a blurb, ect. Also, it’s pretty entertaining.

The category I selected to browse on Amazon was “gay romance novels”. I know, not a huge jump for me to be looking there, but it is what it is. I stumbled upon The Immortal Prince of Egypt.


I won’t lie. It was those beautiful blue eyes that got me to stop. They’re gorgeous. And then I saw it was a historical romance and I was happy to click on the cover.

That’s pretty much where my happiness ended.

I couldn’t find a blurb right away, but I did find some pretty amazing bull about how it was “the most breathtaking historical romance novel of the century”. That takes cajones, my friend. It’s only 2015.

Anyway, it only gets worse from there. The blurb is jam packed full of strange grammar and grab words like “captivating”. I saw the book was reviewed unusually well, but then I tapped on the one star reviews and saw the great grumbling about lack of editing and what not.

If I hadn’t been suspicious about this read before that I knew immediately I was already done. When I see a lot of reviews kvetching about grammar and tense changes it usually means the book isn’t very good. I decided to


which made me kind of sad because the cover was so pretty. I seem to have a knack for picking books that aren’t that great for this challenge. To top it all off the first five star review I read described the author as “handsome”. Here’s a tip: Don’t allow your significant other/best friend/person who has a crush on you and wants to please you more than anything, review your books on amazon. I immediately distrusted everything else in the review because it was obviously only written to flatter the author.

Not that flattering the author won’t get you places, but I wanted to know what was between the cover of their book, not what was in their pants.

Okay, it’s kind of late and this is getting rather snarky, so I’m going to wrap it up.

Heh. Wrap it up.

Happy Friday Five Challenge everyone!

Pick up a copy of Threefold Love.




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