Friday Five Challenge: Category Gay Sci-Fi

I decided to do my Friday Five Challenge this week while at my local library, a lovely, massive building that looks out over the portage of the Flagship Niagara and the bay. I have a window table and can see all of the sparkling water, and I’m hopped up on Coca-Cola (I haven’t had one in forever and IT WAS TIME), so let us begin.

If you don’t know what the Friday Five Challenge is, I’ll give you a quick run down. In five minutes or less you go to an online book supplier, pick a category, and browse book covers until one appeals to you. Then look at the blurb and a few comments and decide if you’d pass or buy. Then post it on twitter at #FridayFiveChallenge. Eventually, what this should do for you, is help you to notice what does and doesn’t make for good copy on a blurb, ect. Also, it’s pretty entertaining.

I’ll start out saying I was woefully disappointed with the slim pickings in the gay sci-fi category, to the point that I may have to, at some point in the future, throw my hat into that ring. First off, I scrolled through doing my usual thing, looking for hot men on the cover, but then I started reading the blurbs and giggling because some of the premises are completely ridiculous. I think one of my favorites was “my step brother is an alien” (which, god help me, I will probably get back to later in the week), but I didn’t like the men on the cover of that one as much as Hell Fired by Declan Sands.


This is what drew me in, and yes, it’s usually the cover or the title. I’m so shallow. But it’s just so pretty! The blurb is a gem also:

A sci-fi paranormal thrill ride of a sexy alien adventure!

Bloodhound shifter Cliff Blood is a bounty hunter with a unique ability to sniff out the bad guy. He only wants to survive on Earth long enough to return to his home planet of Eninac. But when Cliff’s boss is implicated in a bonding scam, Cliff nearly gets burned trying to run interference with sexy Deputy US Marshal Falen Scott. And Marshal Scott has his own secrets — along with a fiery attraction that Cliff is trying his best not to share.

A bloodhound shifter? I’ve never read anything about a bloodhound shifter, so I was hooked. Now, since it is sci-fi I expect the book to be a little giggle worthy in some regards. I know there’s serious sci-fi, and this may well be one, but I don’t go into it with the same expectations that I would reading say, Cry the Beloved Country. Also, it seems like this is going to be a sex driven, not a plot driven adventure, and this morning I’m pretty much okay with that, even though normally I don’t enjoy lack of plot.

This book, excuse me, novelette, almost became a pass when I realized it was only 56 pages long. I may still be infuriated when I read it if it ends with a cliff hanger and is a serialized story, for the record, I hate that, but the premise was so amusing I decided to go for it anyway. Most of the time I just don’t feel like a book is worth my effort if it’s less than one hundred and fifty pages, unless it’s part of an anthology or put out by an author I’m already in love with. Here’s hoping this one is worth the 1.99 I paid for it.

Also, there were no comments and the sales ranks on Amazon were horrendous. Normally, I would take to goodreads and see if there were comments there, but that sort of snooping is outside of the parameters of the #FridayFiveChallenge, so I didn’t.

Almost in spite of itself, this book was a




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