Take a Walk

To continue with my green living theme for the week I wanted to talk about the importance of walking. I know some people are disabled and can’t, and that sucks a lot, but for everyone who can, why not? For example, I used to hop in my car to go a few blocks to a convenience store and pick up a newspaper. I would do this every single morning. I started saving almost an entire gallon of gas per week, not to mention getting in slightly better shape (only slightly because half the time I buy a doughnut along with the paper) by walking each morning instead. Sure, if it’s completely iced over outside I don’t want to make the treacherous journey for a newspaper, but otherwise? Why not. Walking saves wear and tear on my vehicle too.

I’m not sure when I got so reliant on my car. For a long time I didn’t have one. I live in a small city, so the busses weren’t usually a viable option to get where I was going, so I biked everywhere. When I didn’t want to bike I walked. For almost two years I walked a six mile round trip to work and back home, and even grocery shopped without a vehicle by stopping at the store on my way back from work. It was hard to limit my purchases to only what I could carry, but it also helped me save money. Then I got a car and just stopped walking.

So, I urge you to consider, when can you walk, or bike, when you normally drive?

I’ve even started loading my kids in their wagon to pull them to the park instead of driving. It’s a great work out, I don’t have to step foot inside a gym, and my kids love it.


Things walking instead of taking the car can be good for:

-Your wallet. Save money.

-The environment. Fewer emissions.

-Overall health.

-Mental wellbeing.

Pick up a Copy of Threefold Love.

Have a great day, and I hope you take a walk somewhere beautiful.


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