Awesome Historical Tattoos

So, I’m tatted. I love my tattoos a lot. I have a shoulder tattoo with religious significance attached to it. That one was my ‘I’m 18 and I can do whatever I want!’ tattoo, and I still adore it as much today as I did when I nervously sat down in the soft comfy chair and let a Buddhist named Jeff scroll it across my body. He had such a light hand there was no swelling or bleeding at all. The area was barely red. He was amazing! I also have two mandalas that entirely cover the tops of my feet which I sometimes utilize for meditative purposes, but mostly just look cool when I don’t have my shoes on. Yes, they hurt like a bitch to get and NO, if I hadn’t had them simultaneously tattooed I probably wouldn’t have two of them, which is a shame because I like the symmetry. (Also, I probably wouldn’t recommend getting them done in the back of a sex shop by a man named Rhino. I’m sooo lucky I didn’t get some horrible disease. Yay luck!)

I have a blue heart on my ass cheek, but it’s kind of a sad, long story, so I’m probably not going to get into that one.

At any rate, I enjoy tattoos on real people and I enjoy tattoos on characters. I think they’re a little bit sexy and a huge window into someone’s thought processes about the world. The last two books I’ve worked on, The Shape of Honey and The Paranaturalist, both have tattooed characters. In The Paranaturalist Scott has a fucking awesome sleeve on his right arm, a little bit macabre, a little bit beautiful.

So, when I saw this article about a Siberian woman who had amazing tattoos 2,500 years ago I thought it was really neat. I don’t have much to add about the actual article other than it’s worth checking out!

Siberian Princess Reveals Her Tattoos!

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