Confessions of an Editing Author: Water Therapy


Today I had a critique of my book from a friend, and I’ve discovered through trial and error that such things destroy my productivity for the day. I should have known better than to do it first thing, but I did it anyway. Critiques are the life blood of an editing author. They’re completely necessary to a better book. Sometimes I’m completely okay with it, but every once in a while it’s like getting a shot, and today was one of those days. Since my concentration was destroyed I went home, packed up the family, and we spent the rest of the day at the beach.

It was a wave advisory day! I was so pleased an surprised!

Wave advisory days are mildly dangerous and potentially my favorite days at the beach. The waves were cresting high enough to almost knock me on my face at the shoreline. I got slammed into the bottom once when I misjudged the height of one and didn’t swim under it or time it right to hop over it. I may be slightly bruised. The life guards were actually off their chairs and glaring at everyone in the water. I’m guessing if closing the beach for an advisory were up to them we would have all been out of the water. I had a great time.

We let the kids stand near the surf while they were holding our hands, but mostly it was a sand castle day for them. By the time I was done I was in a better mood again. Getting slammed around in a water obstacle course apparently does that for me. In the future I will save picking at my stories for after I’ve already gotten in my new writing for the day. I think I really need to be stress free for that.

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