K.C. Wells Banned from Facebook for 30 Days?

Update on the Update of my update…yeah:

So, the final verdict on this story is that K.C. Wells is banned from posting to her facebook pages, even though they are still up. According to Jesse Jackman, the husband  of Dirk Caber who is the cover model on K.C.’s new book. Her page was locked, most likely because of flaggers. FB says that the cover she posted violated nudity standards, but it doesn’t. He has done a great job of giving instructions on how to protest this action, so I’m going to link it. Take a few minutes to complain about this so that perhaps other authors won’t have to deal with something similar.

Update on my update:

Seems like one of her pages is locked down to comments. So, maybe there is a bit of a facebook kerfluffle, but she has two pages and one isn’t locked down.


Okay, seems I let the rumor mill get the best of me, got all wrathful, and posted before I fact checked. Both of her pages are still up and running on facebook. This has happened to other authors recently, though, so that’s why I went off half cocked. Sorry!

Original Post:

K.C. Wells is the most recent in a spate of m/m authors to have their facebook pages targeted. I can only assume it is from someone complaining about them BECAUSE they are m/m authors. The rumor mill has it the banning came down because of a link to her new book on her page. What utter idiocy. Here’s the picture in question.


Not that bad from what I can see.

Here’s the buy link.


Go forth and buy the book to protest the utter bullshittery of facebook. I plan to.

Check out my book The Shape of Honey!


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