Long Lived Characters


My favorite character to write in this book was probably Yulian Volkov. He’s a wolf who is old, but not old by pack standards and not young by human, stuck in a strange in between place even though he’s powerful. He’s an alpha who doesn’t want to be king wolf, doesn’t want the responsibility. Really, he just wants to be left the fuck alone to do what he wants, and that happens to be run his meadery.

It was fun to write a character who was around long enough to remember interesting historical points most people these days don’t, such as World War II, and it was also fun to try to bring in some historical slang that wouldn’t be overbearing while I wrote the story of a man whose morals were formed well before the advent of Saturday Morning Cartoons. (Which I’ve heard are now defunct as well. Oh, the humanity!) Yulian has evolved with the times to some degree, but he doesn’t really enjoy modern technology or anything that would keep him stuck inside much.

I’ve always had a thing for characters with interesting “stuck in history” perspectives. I think that is why I really liked the modern retelling of Captain America (Steve Rogers) in the Avengers movies and the independent character movies. Growing up I was always a huge fan of “all things vampire” for the same reason. I love history. (…even have the semi-unusable degree to prove it).

Read Yulian’s full story in The Shape of Honey:
Dreamspinner Press:


Who are some of your favorite “stuck in time” characters?


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