The World of Candy: Maple Creams


I love candy. It’s been a lifelong obsession. I used to work in an ice cream shop in high school and my Grandmother lovingly slaved over cookies and candies every year from October through December so she could inundate the family and all of her friends (and beyond) with holiday delights. She would make gobs, chocolate chips, Hershey kiss cookies, peanut butter cup cookies, gems, ginger snaps, fluff cookies, and easily a hundred others, all rotating each year on her whim. I, of course, was her helper. I helped her make wedding cakes as well.

I think one of my favorite things out of everything she ever made were buckeye balls, which aren’t hard to make and maple creams. I found maple creams, which I think would be a close approximation to Grandma’s, though I would definately take the time to coat them in dark chocolate.

A good maple cream should be an overwhelming, full body experience. You should bite into it and it should almost be too sweet. Your stomach should clench just a little and the cream should melt onto your tongue. You should get a zing from the plume of maple sugars, and then after the sugary punch fades you should get the rich, deep almost floral wave of maple in your palette. In this case if there is chocolate, it should be as dark and unsweetened as possible. Really, the chocolate tempers the harsh sweetness of the cream. With the recipe I’ve selected, I would definitely take the time to melt down some dark chocolate and coat them.

Candy always makes me think about childhood and Grandma.


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