NaNoWriMo: The Month of Good Intentions



For some reason, Winning NaNoWriMo didn’t bring me as much joy as it usually does. Maybe it’s because I’m writing everyday now anyway and just scrambling to meet a word count goal I don’t always hold myself to. Or maybe it’s because I’m actually more in the mires of my story right now. I estimate I’m about halfway through. I’m in the hard stuff, the weaving together plot stuff, and not really at the end of my novel. My last two novels came in at about 200k words, so …this isn’t there yet. I’m hoping it actually doesn’t explode in that way, but it’s just not done.

For whatever reason, “Yay! I won!”, but meh.

I also intended to write a daily NaNoWriMo blog post, but didn’t hit that mark. It was a bit ambitious. I might try that again next year with some preparation.

At any rate, to my fellow NaNoWriMo writers, I salute you. There’s still till midnight to get your word counts to 50k if you haven’t hit it yet. Stay strong. I believe in you.

If you know you’re not going to win this year, I’ll let you in on a little secret. It doesn’t matter. If you’ve started writing every day, or almost every day, that’s the real win.

Getting yourself into a good rhythm with what you want from life is always a win.


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Yulian Volkov is an entrepreneur and lone werewolf who hates the city. At a pack meeting, he learns the only member he’s attracted to is being expelled for crimes unspecified. Yulian strikes a deal with the pack leader to allow Rolly Witten to live on his farm and work in his Meadery. Although enjoying handsome Rolly’s company, Yulian must tread carefully, since Rolly doesn’t trust him and the pack doesn’t acknowledge homosexuality exists. Meanwhile, Yulian stealthily courts Rolly by teaching him the value of his wolf side.

Rolly, who’s known he was gay since he was a teen, has accepted a life of solitude—and a life of crime. He has no desire to relocate. Yet Yulian’s trust in his ability to do honest work builds his confidence. As life is settling well for them, Rolly learns a friend from his old pack had a crush on him, and he’s torn between returning his friend’s feelings or pursuing the budding relationship with Yulian. But that’s not their worst problem. Assassins are trying to take out both wolves, and they need to figure out who wants them dead or all the trust and happiness they’re building together won’t matter.


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