New Project! Valetudinarians and Happy Hippies

Status for wordpressHello All!

I have to admit I’m relieved to send in Trust Trade. I’ve been working on it since the dreaded and much loved NaNoWriMo last November. I did actually manage to jam out 50k words during November, but, well, check out the stats.

Trust Trade (formerly Heartache Hustle)

Working Title: Trust Trade

Series: Gem City Grit

Genre: Contemporary Romance and/or perhaps Coming of Age?

Manuscript Length: 153k (rounded up)

So, I did write a bit more than 50k for NaNoWriMo. Just a bit. I’m hoping my next book doesn’t take nearly as long to write, and, assuming my Sugar Plum doesn’t need any more major surgeries, it won’t. I’m in love with my new project already, deep in it’s grip. Here’s hoping it sails along smoothly, at least on the writing end. Gods know the characters always get beat up, even when I’m trying to be nice.



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