Incubus Adored: Book #1 in the Gravidam Series

Incubus Adored - eBook (2)

Hello All!

My life has had some interesting ups and downs in the last year. I gained (and lost) a day job, Sugar Plum has started a new job, and I went through some personal things that are still hanging in the wind, but through all of that, I’ve still be plucking away at the keyboard.

I’ve never really sat down to write a series before, but I’ve decided my next adventure is upward and onward into the land of MPREG.

The series begins with Incubus Adored, which has a tentative release day of May 17th. Every story is fully contained in and of itself and should be able to be read stand alone.

Those of you who know me are well aware that I have a tendency toward darker stories and story themes, and while this one is also a bit dark there is also hope in the end. I’ve decided to go indie publication with this series (Though I have a crack editor, and fearless band of supporters beta reading to help me pull it all together). Incubus Adored has a bit more sex in it than my last book, Secret Seth, but I feel it suited the story.

At this point I would be remiss if I did not thank Tricia Kristufek, who rips my work apart so I can put it back together.

So, allow me to share the blurb.

Peirs had accepted his life of servitude to an angel. His keeper asked only for a willing body, and in exchange his needs were met and he was fed and clothed. Peirs might have served the angel forever—it was the only life he knew—but one day Peirs discovered something he had no way to plan for. After a millennium, he was pregnant. Peirs now must summon the courage to escape his master and the unbendable angelic law that declared no half-breeds should live, but running into an angelic soldier in the back room of a bar wasn’t part of his plan.

After years of begging to go to the battlefields on Earth, Tabbis, the youngest angel in Heaven, finally got his assignment. Ready for heroics and bloodshed, he was stunned when he found enchanting and seductive Piers instead. Tabbis was duty bound to kill Peirs, but Peirs’s very existence challenged everything Tabbis thought he knew.

Tabbis needs answers. Peirs wants nothing more than to save his baby and live in peace. Can they band together to help each other? Or will the wrath of Heaven tear them apart?

The process for an indie book is so much more intense on my end than when I work with a publisher, but it’s been fun as well. I make all of the decisions, so if something is wrong in the end, it is all my fault, unlike when I have a book that a publisher is curating. I’m excited to get Incubus Adored out soon. Right now it’s back with my editor. I’ll go over it again, read it out loud, a final check, and then have it to the formatter. After that it’s only a hop skip and a jump to published.

So, save the date for this one. May 17th you’ll be able to pick up Incubus Adored as an Amazon exclusive release, also available in Kindle Unlimited.

Today I’m sitting down to begin the manuscript document for Incubus Lost Book #2 in the Gravidam series. If you would like to check out my regular updates on the Gravidam Series you can find those at the facebook page dedicated to it right here.

Happy Reading!


While you wait for Incubus Adored, check out Secret Seth. It’s available for purchase and through Kindle Unlimited. 

SecretSethFinalBookCoverTyler Faulkner lived for his work, constructing Hollywood sets. His designs were perfect, and he expected equal perfection from his crew and himself. But, talented as he was, he felt trapped. A creative clash with a producer left him out of more than just a job, and Tyler decided that maybe a new beginning was exactly what he needed.

Seth Goodwin was reliable. So rock-steady that his father made him a partner in the family construction business over his older brothers. Seth’s job was simple—he took a highly skilled crew out on the road to build ridiculously expensive projects for rich clients. Their success prompted Seth and his dad to hire a new designer.

Seth wasn’t so steady around Tyler. Tyler didn’t simply draw art; he forced it into reality, elbowing his way into Seth’s work crew and life, whether he wanted him there or not. But Seth had a secret he’s been keeping for a long while, and Tyler, flamboyant and verbose, wasn’t someone who fit in a closet, unless he was looking for the perfect shoes to go with his outfit. Would Seth and Tyler be able to make it work? Or would everyone’s secrets catch up with them?

Check out the excerpt on Amazon here. 



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