Cherry Hollows Series


Book 1 (1)

Sheriff Trent Miller was happy with his perfect little life. Being a thirty-six-year-old omega with no partner or family suited him just fine, until it all changed. When he ran out of his heat-suppressant pills and his doctor refused to prescribe more, he had his first heat in years. Around the same time, a young alpha who drives him crazy started working as his partner.

Lawson Fisher hated Cherry Hollow. He only returned to his small hometown to help his papa when his dad was diagnosed with cancer. Working alongside Sheriff Miller was frustrating at the best of times, but when Trent went into heat, Lawson felt it was his duty to help him through it, like any good alpha. Besides, he couldn’t seem to keep his hands off Trent.

The more time Lawson spends with Trent, the more he realizes the omega isn’t as bad as he first thought. When they find out Trent’s pregnant, both their lives change. They need to decide the best thing to do for themselves and their baby, especially since not everyone in town is rooting for them to have a happily ever after.




Book 2

Brodie Miller is an alpha who has had a rough year living in the city. His omega maxed out his credit cards and left him high and dry. The failed relationship sends Brodie running for a free room at home and the familiar comfort of small town living in Cherry Hollow. He finds a serious job, and a side hustle as a bartender, to start digging himself out of trouble.

Porter Eastwood was born into an influential, Cherry Hill family. He never missed out on anything money could buy. Entangled in the Eastwood family business, Porter is unhappy with his job, and if that isn’t enough to make him miserable, he’s a failed omega who has never been in heat.

When Porter finds himself infatuated with the new bartender at his favorite drinking spot, sparks fly, and they tumble their way into bed. Much to Porter’s surprise, it sends him into his very first heat. Brodie steps up to the challenge, the first man to make Porter feel truly cared for, but their amazing chemistry can’t stop reality from creeping in. Porter is still an Eastwood, and Brodie didn’t grow up on Cherry Hill.

Porter soon realizes he made a serious mistake during his heat, and a baby is on the way. Brodie’s day job has him delving into the seedier aspects of the Eastwood empire. With Brodie getting closer to finding out if the Eastwoods are involved in illegal activity, and Porter carefully counting down days until he might start to show, will they be able to make their relationship work?




Book 3

Riley Sheridan has it all—loving family, college football career, and good looks. The only thing he’s missing is a relationship with the one person he can never have. As a teenager, Riley met Ambrose Whitlock precisely once and knew, without a doubt, that he wanted to be with him. The next time Riley saw Ambrose was at his alpha uncle’s wedding—as an omega groom.

Ambrose Whitlock-Harlow tried to love the husband his father arranged for him to marry, but Jacob was demanding, borderline cruel, and more focused on his political career than his young husband. Jacob leaves when, after several years, Ambrose doesn’t become pregnant.

One stormy night Ambrose’s life is turned upside down by Riley returning to town with an abandoned dog he found on the highway. Riley doesn’t know where to take the mutt, and Ambrose is well-known for his work at the local animal shelter. It doesn’t take Riley and Ambrose long to pick up the fragile relationship they started years ago.

The more time Riley and Ambrose spend together, the faster they fall in love. Not everyone approves, especially when Ambrose becomes pregnant with Riley’s child. The divorce isn’t official yet, and Jacob threatens to take away everything Riley and Ambrose built together.




Book 4

Scott Tanner doesn’t panic about problems—he plans solutions—but when he finds himself knocked up with his alpha roommate’s baby, his life begins to spiral out of control. Scott decides all his efforts must go into maintaining the grades for his scholarship, rather than risk his future. He can’t keep the baby; adoption would be more responsible. He refuses to allow his emotions, or his omega instincts, to keep him from the successful life he envisions for himself.

Australian Luke Loughty takes a happy-go-lucky approach to life, and he always lands on top, which is exactly where he likes to be when it comes to Scott Tanner. When their friends with benefits arrangement results in an unexpected pregnancy, Luke is prepared to roll with the surprise and take on the new responsibility of being a parent, alongside a job, football practice, and school.

When the time comes, Scott forces himself to hand over his newborn baby to Luke and signs away his parental rights. He worries he isn’t doing the right thing for either one of them.

Scott might plot and outline every second of his life, but Luke has a plan of his own—a family plan.





Widowed omega Quinn Collins loves his son, H.J., more than life, so it kills him that some days H.J. is barely hanging on due to an inherited illness. Quinn devotes most of his time to keeping H.J healthy, and any leftover energy goes to his art. As far as Quinn is concerned, this is his life now—lonely and stressful, but safe.

Rookie fireman “King” Kingston is an alpha working at the Cherry Hollow firehouse. Freshly trained and ready for action, he throws himself into helping at the station. While assisting with a blood drive, he catches sight—and smell—of Quinn, but quickly learns that the omega is not on the market.

Quinn is terrified of passing on the same illness H.J. struggles with, so he makes the decision to never be with another alpha. Yet somehow, Quinn keeps running into King around town. Quinn can’t fight the allure of King’s innocent interest, not to mention his devastating smile, so Quinn throws down a challenge sure to drive off any alpha. He tells King he won’t spend his heats with him. In the end, King surprises Quinn, in more ways than one.





As Cherry Hollow’s new mayor, single omega Grayson Briggs has finally found his calling, and he refuses to make family values a keystone of his campaign. His popularity ratings are high as he strives to make his hometown safer for everyone. When Grayson’s heat approaches, he doesn’t see a problem sharing it with the confident, but egotistical, PR alpha on his team—no strings attached.

Bristol Scott has been lonely since his parents died. His twin brother left town, abandoning him to raise their little sister and manage the family farm. Things have been tough, but he’s made it work. What he never expected was that Cherry Hollow’s mayor would take an interest in him, especially since they’ve never met before… but is it real, or just a fantasy?

Blair Scott has wanted to get into Grayson’s pants since he came on board his election team, but he knows a lost cause when he sees one. Blair isn’t looking for anything serious, just one hot night to make some great memories. A chance visit to the family farm puts him directly in Grayson’s path—at just the right time.

Pregnancy was never part of Grayson’s plans, but accidents happen—and now Cherry Hollow’s youngest mayor must choose between a set of twins he can’t help falling for. When the twins both want him, and he wants them in return, can they put aside their differences and make their unique family work?


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