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Cherry Hollow Series Book #2: Brodie’s Million Dollar Omega

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Thanks for reading, everyone! I’m doing my first day blitz, but will come back to talk about Cherry Hollow, my move to KU with my books, and my other projects soon. Thanks!ย 

Brodieโ€™s Million Dollar Omega

Cherry Hollow Series #2

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Brodie Miller is an alpha who has had a rough year living in the city. His omega maxed out his credit cards and left him high and dry. The failed relationship sends Brodie running for a free room at home and the familiar comfort of small town living in Cherry Hollow. He finds a serious job, and a side hustle as a bartender, to start digging himself out of trouble.


Porter Eastwood was born into an influential, Cherry Hill family. He never missed out on anything money could buy. Entangled in the Eastwood family business, Porter is unhappy with his job, and if that isnโ€™t enough to make him miserable, heโ€™s a failed omega who has never been in heat.


When Porter finds himself infatuated with the new bartender at his favorite drinking spot, sparks fly, and they tumble their way into bed. Much to Porterโ€™s surprise, it sends him into his very first heat. Brodie steps up to the challenge, the first man to make Porter feel truly cared for, but their amazing chemistry canโ€™t stop reality from creeping in. Porter is still an Eastwood, and Brodie didnโ€™t grow up on Cherry Hill.


Porter soon realizes he made a serious mistake during his heat, and a baby is on the way. Brodieโ€™s day job has him delving into the seedier aspects of the Eastwood empire. With Brodie getting closer to finding out if the Eastwoods are involved in illegal activity, and Porter carefully counting down days until he might start to show, will they be able to make their relationship work?



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Donโ€™t miss Book #1

Welcome to Cherry Hollowโ€ฆ. Home of the Cherry Festival! ๐Ÿ’


Sheriff Trent Miller was happy with his perfect little life. Being a thirty-six-year-old omega with no partner or family suited him just fine, until it all changed. When he ran out of his heat-suppressant pills and his doctor refused to prescribe more, he had his first heat in years. Around the same time, a young alpha who drives him crazy started working as his partner.


Lawson Fisher hated Cherry Hollow. He only returned to his small hometown to help his papa when his dad was diagnosed with cancer. Working alongside Sheriff Miller was frustrating at the best of times, but when Trent went into heat, Lawson felt it was his duty to help him through it, like any good alpha. Besides, he couldnโ€™t seem to keep his hands off Trent.


The more time Lawson spends with Trent, the more he realizes the omega isnโ€™t as bad as he first thought. When they find out Trentโ€™s pregnant, both their lives change. They need to decide the best thing to do for themselves and their baby, especially since not everyone in town is rooting for them to have a happily ever after.




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Book #3 in the Cherry Hollow Series coming in April 2019.


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A Tiny Tease for Love It Like You Stole It

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NineStar Press

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Love It Like You Stole It


LoveItLikeYouStoleIt-fMichael Levine is backed into a corner. He started tearing apart cars for the local mob with the best of intentionsโ€”to save up money to pay for his mechanic certifications and impress his crush and mentor, Ben. But Michael soon finds himself in way over his head. He knows stealing is wrong, but itโ€™s only cars, and the insurance will pay to replace them, right? What started out as a small job to make some extra bucks soon turns into a nightmare heโ€™s not sure heโ€™ll ever be able to find his way out of.

Ben Jelen isnโ€™t sure where his life is going. On the surface everything looks fine. He has a successful business, heโ€™s raising his niece into a strong person, and he has a boyfriend most guys only dream ofโ€”sexy and rich. But nothing feels right. The only things that really keep Benโ€™s attention anymore are his classic Road Runner, his niece, and Michaelโ€”his Meeko. Ben took him under his wing forever ago, and their love of old cars and fast driving has forged a strong bond. Benโ€™s days donโ€™t feel right if he doesnโ€™t get to see Meeko at least once. But something seems drastically wrong in Meekoโ€™s life, and Ben hopes he can put the pieces together to help him before itโ€™s too late.

Love It Like You Stole It is available for Pre-Order from NineStar Press here.ย 

Release date everywhere else is July 6th, 2018.ย 

Happy reading!ย 


While you wait for Love It Like You Stole It, why don’t you check out Incubus Adored.ย 

Book Stack.jpgIncubus Adored ยฉ Ki Brightly May 2018

Gravidam Series #1

Peirs had accepted his life of servitude to an angel. His keeper asked only for a willing body, and in exchange his needs were met and he was fed and clothed. Peirs might have served the angel foreverโ€”it was the only life he knewโ€”but one day Peirs discovered something he had no way to plan for. After two millennia, he was pregnant. Peirs now must summon the courage to escape his master and the unbendable divine law that declared no half-breeds should live, but running into an angelic soldier in the back room of a bar wasnโ€™t part of his plan.

After years of begging to go to the battlefields on Earth, Tabbis, the youngest angel in Heaven, finally got his assignment. Ready for heroics and bloodshed, he was stunned when he found enchanting and seductive Peirs instead. Tabbis was duty bound to kill Peirs, but Peirsโ€™s very existence challenged everything Tabbis thought he knew.

Tabbis needs answers. Peirs wants nothing more than to save his baby and live in peace. Can they band together to help each other? Or will the wrath of Heaven tear them apart?


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