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OMG! Where The Hell Have You Been?

Hello All!

Thanks for asking, Internet friends. Mostly I’ve been getting down to the nitty gritty of writing. Last night I completed the second book in the Gem City Grit universe in three notebooks. I’m kind of excited about that.


The title is still up in the air. I’m thinking, perhaps, Love It Like You Stole It.

I haven’t notebooked a novel since Threefold Love, which was my first professionally released story. It’s nostalgic, but as I stare down the barrel of typing it all out I’m seriously wondering if I am insane. Working in a notebook allows me to avoid the myriad distractions and pornographic bounties of the Internet, but it also, alas, creates more work. I’m not entirely sure it’s bad work though. I’m, optimistically, choosing to view it as the first layer of editing.  

One other thing before I sign off here. Dreamspinner Press has The Paranaturalist on sale with 2 other ghostly tomes until the end of the weekend (October 16, 2016). Happy reading!



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The Paranaturalist Blog Tour!


The Paranaturalist Blog Tour is kicking off today with stops at Stein’s Station and MM Good Book Reviews! Take a peek at both because they have two different excerpts!

You can order The Paranaturalist from Amazon, Dreamspinner Press, and other online retailers.

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Threefold Love-What is Wicca

“Well, Wicca is a religion, so you can be Wiccan like you can be Christian or Jewish. A lot of it is about being in tune with nature and the cycles of the seasons. I became Wiccan while I was trying to be my real self instead of staying in the box everyone expects to find me in. The path of a witch is about personal power and using it responsibly. You can be a witch without being a Wiccan and you can be a Wiccan without being a witch, but most Wiccans are witches. Capiche?” –Duncan McNeil, Threefold Love, Page 55


I briefly touch on spirituality in this book. I wanted to give a quick explanation to readers who might not be familiar with the terminology without being too in depth, too topical, or too blasé, which was a maddeningly difficult task. Imagine Christians trying to sum up their entire religion in about three sentences. Difficult, right? As a kid, fairly young, I started looking into everything there was out there, as far as religions of the world go, and Wicca really resonated with me. I try to integrate the paranormal aspects of the book seamlessly into the rest of it so there’s never a moment when you’re reading the book and you go, “WAIT, what?”, so I wanted to establish that yes, Wicca is a real religion that people follow, even though I was creating a fictionalized version of the world where things go on that don’t normally happen in real life. I liked the idea of Andrew and Duncan being Wiccan because the pagan community so vibrant and interesting, something entirely unique in and of itself, and I was excited about giving people not a part of it a glimpse inside. Overall, I find the pagan community to be populated by open minded, accepting, wonderful people, although every gathering of people is going to have a few downsides.  I also liked this scene because there’s nothing more brain scrambling to a pagan, who tends to only talk about their practices with other pagans, than to have someone who is unfamiliar with it ask, “What in the world is that?” People also have varying comfort levels with it as well. It’s a strange thing to be given the role as speaker for an entire community of people simply because the person you are talking to has never met anyone who is pagan before, though they probably have and don’t know it. You kind of feel like if you screw up you’re definitely giving every other pagan out there a bad name. It’s a lot of pressure.



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The Interview with Erie Paranormal Researcher and all around Know It All Patricia Coleman

Patricia Coleman has shocking blue eyes. That was the first thing I noticed about a woman I would describe mostly as larger than life. She’s into her forties, but rather than seeming rough as some people tend to do when they reach that point in their life she just seems real, focused, especially when she’s talking about her craft.

Walking into her studio late Tuesday afternoon it was a soft, dark, industrial space, mostly because she had the front half set up as a photography studio. “Just take your shoes off so you don’t drag the mud in. I’m like Mr. Rogers in here,” she said with a hearty laugh that warmed me inside and out, immediately making me trust her. With her platinum blond hair and the electronic cigarette in her hand I’d never heard anything more incongruous and found myself laughing along. With me in my socked feet she lead me into the second half of her studio where she does her editing work for her ongoing documentary about the paranormal, amongst other things. It was a comfortable little area with a rug on the floor, book shelves, and black on black décor that seemed to pop against the white washed cement walls of her work space.

“So,” she said exhaling a stream of bubble gum smoke, pausing to take a sip of her energy drink, “what do you want to know?”

And that seems to be Patricia to the core. No bullshit. We talked for about three hours about “real” ghost hunters, politics surrounding ghost hunting shows, and she filled my head with more real information than I’d have ever found in three months of research. There are local haunted places I’d never heard of. I was moved to tears when we were talking about her ideas of what happens after you die (it’s very blissful, in her opinion) and while we talked about ghosts who are stuck here. How horrible for them, but some want to be here, apparently, often afraid to move on.

At one point in the conversation she stopped and told me about her friend and famed paranormal author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, showing me a fabulous old style boot decorated with gold pieces and black feathers that was a gift from her. I can see why she’d gift it to Patricia, because it fits her personality wonderfully, flamboyant and understated all at the same time. I didn’t know who the author was though, so this started a conversation on the history (fairly recent) of paranormal research and the personalities involved in American paranormal research, of which I was woefully uninformed.  This lead into talk about other researchers/ghost hunters and Brian Cano. I didn’t know who he is either, to her surprise (I know now he was on the show The Haunted Collector), and thus began my crash course in every ghost show worth watching. Paranormal State was NOT on that list, which as an alum made me sad, then after some research made me angry if any of the allegations against the crew are true. After that she did indeed let me get a good look at the various cameras and equipment she takes into the field.

We rounded out a very intense conversation with a trip around the Erie Art Works building which is purportedly haunted hoping to capture EVP clips while I laughed nervously through the building. It was a great time and I can’t wait to see Patricia again, even though that night I dreamed of her intense blue eyes and was sure more than once I caught shadows moving in the corner of my eyes.

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