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Why might you need to contact me?


Love or hate my work, I want to hear about it. It’s better than cake.


I provide contract editing services when I have the time, not that I always do. If you’re interested in that contact me and tell me the length of your work and what you’re expecting to get out of an edit. That will affect my fee.

Writing for Hire:

Looking for someone to write that story you’ve always wanted to see? Want an article contributor of a certain sort? Depending on what it is, I may take it on. Don’t be shy.

Writing/Life Coach and Consultant:

Okay, I’m actually serious here. This kind of falls under “editing” only more on the motivational end of things.  I’ll be that person that listens to you rant about your characters and cares. I’ll even point out plot holes and all that happy jazz. I’ll go to the the gym with you, if you’re local, and yell at you too. No, really, I will, along with telling you to just sit your ass in a chair and write every day. I do charge for this though, more or less depending on the level of involvement you want from me, and in all seriousness can only go to the gym with you if you’re within a 15 mile radius with my apartment at the loci. I’m kind of cynical and sassy too, so if those aren’t things that interest you I’m guessing you don’t want me helping you motivate yourself.

Help with a Book Release/Blog Tour:

I have a fairly flexible schedule. If you’re another author who would like someone to help with a book drop day media blitz I would be more than happy to help organize that and push the button on the day of because you’re too busy to do it. I will also help spread the word on my own blog/twitter/facebook page. I can help you set up your media and create teasers. Depending on the level of involvement you would want/need from me my fee would fluctuate slightly. Contact me for rates if interested. (They’re reasonable.)

Book Reviews:

If you’re an author who would like to contact me about a book review I’ve done, feel free to send me an e-mail. If you’re an author who would like to contact me about getting a review, please feel free to send me an e-mail. I’ll read pretty much any genre any pairing combination. If I do review a book I’ve been asked to review I will start the review along the lines of: I was given a copy of “Book Title” by the author in exchange for a no bullshit review. (Or, something a bit more eloquent.)

Other ways to contact me:


Twitter: @KiBrightly


(Facebook is the fastest way to get my attention.)



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