The Paranaturalist is Now in Kindle Unlimited

The Paranaturalist is now available in ✨Kindle Unlimited! ✨ As a kid, Joseph Appleyard saw things hidden from others. Now he is The Paranaturalist, an investigator and cohost of a television show that seeks to prove the existence of the paranormal. Some think Joe is crazy, but they don’t realize he knows firsthand there’s moreContinue reading “The Paranaturalist is Now in Kindle Unlimited”

Comfort and Joy: A Gay Romance Short Story by Ki Brightly

All Justin wants for Christmas is Robbie, but will he get him?

Flash Fiction! Bugs and Hisses with Dreamspinner Press

Check out a brand new flash fiction over at the Dreamspinner Press Blog. It’s a sweet little Halloween outtake from The Shape of Honey Universe. Coffee Boys, Cops, and Werewolves, Oh My!\ The Shape of Honey is Available for Pre-Order at Dreamspinner Press and Amazon. Yulian Volkov is an entrepreneur and lone werewolf who hatesContinue reading “Flash Fiction! Bugs and Hisses with Dreamspinner Press”