RIP Anthony Bourdain and The Fears and Hopes of Those Who Love Men Like You

Anthony Bourdain lost the fight with his disease, depression, today, and was found dead while on location in France. He was working, going through what I can only assume is a usual daily routine for him. That scares the hell out of me. My heart bleeds for his daughter and the rest of his familyContinue reading “RIP Anthony Bourdain and The Fears and Hopes of Those Who Love Men Like You”

A Little Strangeness Keeps Life Interesting

Yesterday I was jogging on the peninsula, which is not unusual for me. If you aren’t familiar with Erie, Pennsylvania the Presque Isle peninsula is beautiful. The running trail starts out along the bay and goes around the peninsula onto the lake Erie side. I’m not quite up to jogging the entire trail. (It’s a littleContinue reading “A Little Strangeness Keeps Life Interesting”

The World of Candy: Maple Creams

I love candy. It’s been a lifelong obsession. I used to work in an ice cream shop in high school and my Grandmother lovingly slaved over cookies and candies every year from October through December so she could inundate the family and all of her friends (and beyond) with holiday delights. She would make gobs,Continue reading “The World of Candy: Maple Creams”